Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer Unveils Custom Wash Rack Services

Belimed Life Science Ensures Safe Cleaning of Labware, Process Equipment

Custom wash rack loaded for pharmaceutical manufacturing cleaning and disinfection by Belimed Life ScienceNorth Charleston, SC: Pharmaceutical sterilization and cleaning equipment manufacturer Belimed Life Science, North Charleston, SC (, has unveiled custom wash rack design and manufacturing services. A key option offered with the company’s automated cleaning and disinfecting wash systems, the custom wash rack services were developed to help pharmaceutical and nutritional product manufacturers ensure complete cleaning and disinfection of laboratory glassware, tableting tools, containers, valves, machine parts, and other supplies and equipment while also providing protection from damage during validated washing processes.

Configured to suit each individual item to be washed, the custom wash racks are designed using 3D models of each item to assign specific positions in the rack based on the size, shape, weight, material, and other factors. This custom design promotes highly efficient use of available rack space and assures a reproducible washing process that the company guarantees to meet targeted regulatory requirements.

To operate, a worker loads the items in their assigned positions and slides the wash carrier into the automated cleaning system, then removes the carrier after the wash cycle and returns the cleaned items to service. To promote proper rack loading and prevent human error, the company offers an augmented reality-based training aid that guides the worker during the loading process.

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