Racks and Trolleys

Original Belimed Life Science Accessories

Customized and tailor-made wash racks and transfer carriages suitable for our cleaning systems and sterilizers.


Transfer Carts / Trolleys


Racks / Washing good carriers

Waschgutträger , Rack

The heart of the cleaning process The wash rack!

A perfect washing result is the result of a reliable cleaning system, a validated washing process and the correct positioning of the items to be washed on the rack. In many cases, the analysis of the flow of goods and the design of the rack takes more time than the selection of the cleaning system.

Belimed Life Science supports you in the design of the carriers so that your products are efficiently and reproducibly clean.


Transfer Carts

Belimed Life Science offers a wide range of systems for automatic loading of sterilizers. Depending on whether the goods to be sterilized are packed on trolleys or pallets and depending on the size and weight of the load, the system can be equipped with a pusher, chain or roller transport system. If space is limited or other difficult installation situations arise, a transverse pusher or lifting system may be necessary. Another core competence of Belimed Life Science is the pallet loading system by means of transfer carts. All moving parts are located outside the chamber. This guarantees the highest degree of particle freedom and makes the system particularly easy to maintain.

No digital 3D model of the wash item available? No problem!

Belimed Life Science has a mobile 3D scanner for the digital recording of wash items. We either come to you and scan the products on site so that they can be used again immediately or you send us the parts.

We prepare the digital data to such an extent that we can design the wash item carrier optimally for the parts in order to guarantee a reproducible and efficient washing process.


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