Company History

Our history from then until today

The emergence of Belimed Life Science AG

The Belimed Group goes back to a diversification project of the Metall Zug Group in the 1990s. Via V-Zug AG, it took over various companies abroad and in Switzerland which were later merged to form the Belimed Group. From 2005, the Belimed Group formed the independent Infection Control division.

In April 2019, Belimed AG split into Belimed Infection Control for all medical applications and Belimed Life Science AG for all enquiries from the pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, institutional, nutrition and cosmetics sectors.

Belimed Life Science AG has its headquarters in Sulgen. This location goes back to Sauter AG, which was taken over in 1999. Sauter AG played an important role in the development of the Belimed Group. It complemented the Belimed Group, which focused on cleaning systems, with the product family of steam sterilisers, which it had been developing and producing since the late 1970s. Thus the first delivery of a steam steriliser was made by Sauter AG in 1977 to a German pharmaceutical company.

The second Belimed Life Science AG plant is located in Grosuplje, Slovenia. This location goes back to the takeover of etzsch-Newamatic GmbH in 1997. The Netzsch company began supplying apparatus to the laboratory sector as early as 1968. The first laboratory glassware washer "Netzsch-Newamatic 1-570" was delivered in 1968. The company from Waldkraiburg had already had a production site in Grosuplje since 1990.


The most important milestones

2010 – today

2022 Foundation of Belimed Life Science Inc. with headquarters in Charleston, SC USA

2022 Establishment and takeover of the worldwide service business

2019 Spin-off of Belimed Life Science

From April 2019, Belimed Life Science and Belimed Infection Control will be independent companies.

2010 Number of employees at Sauter AG rises to 250 people



1990 – 2009

2002 Belimed Sauter AG receives FDA approval for the sterilisers for the US market

2000 New brand identity under the uniform brand BELIMED

1999 Takeover of the Sauter Group by the Metall Zug Group (including V-ZUG);

IIntegration of the group into the Belimed Group.

With this step, the Belimed Group becomes a system provider.

1994 QM certification, ISO 9001 and 1996 extension to include the medical device directive ISO EN 46001

1992 Foundation of Sauter GmbH, Vienna



1923 – 1989

1977 Delivery of the first steam steriliser

1976 Entry into steriliser construction. First orders in Germany;

Entry into international business; start of cooperation with WESTIMA Cologne

1973 After further expansion steps at the new company premises at Zelgstrasse 8 in Sulgen:

Range of services: steel construction, tank construction, apparatus engineering, mixed feed silos under the SAUTER brand.

1955 Relocation of the forge from Heldswil to Sulgen at Steinackerstrasse 2,

Demolition of the old building, new construction of a workshop and a residential building.

1923 Josef Sauter (29.12.1897 - 1.1.1972) takes over the village smithy in Heldswil, Thurgau,

3 km from the current location in Sulgen.



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