Sustainability – everyone is talking about it – we are doing something about it!

Sustainability is not only about saving energy and separating waste, there is much more to it. We at Belimed Life Science consider as many aspects as possible that influence sustainability and actively implement measures to optimize everything that affects us, our environment and our products.

This is how we approach sustainability:

Belimed Life Science - 100% renewable energy certificate

At Belimed Life Science, we care about sustainability!

Thus, Belimed Life Science was awarded the certificate for 100 % renewable electricity. This confirms our efforts to always remain environmentally friendly and proves that our production plant in Sulgen-CH is powered by 100 % renewable energy from hydropower in Switzerland.

We are making progress on sustainability!

Increasing sustainability also has an important role in our development strategy. We allocate 15% of our annual development budget to sustainability developments. We are currently working on various projects to reduce the overall resource consumption of our pharma and lab cleaning systems and steam sterilizers.

15% of our development budget is invested in projects to:
- reduce the energy consumption of our machines
- reduce the amount of resources needed to operate our machines
- reduce the energy consumption in our factories

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Reduce CO2 emissions before we start!

In a continuous process we try to reduce the number of suppliers to reduce the number of packages and deliveries. Furthermore, we work together with our suppliers to reduce the number of transports in order to utilize the trucks as efficiently as possible. We try to choose local suppliers whenever possible to achieve short transport distances and thus a low CO2 emission during transport.


Getting the last drop out of our products!

We make great efforts to reduce the energy and resource consumption of our products. For example, the chambers of our autoclaves are encased in thick insulating material in order to lose as little heat energy as possible to the environment. The greatest contribution to sustainability, however, is made by our quality. All cleaning systems and sterilizers are designed for decades of operation. In this way, we ensure that plants remain in operation for a very long time and that no new resources are needed for a new plant. In addition, if the control system is outdated, our retrofit team ensures that the core of the system remains in place and only the components that are no longer up to date are replaced. This enables us to extend the service life of our plants even further.

Belimed Life Science virtual FAT

Sustainability through digitization!

What is the most sustainable form of transportation? The method of transport that is not produced and used in the first place. With this in mind, we encourage our sales staff to attend as many appointments as possible virtually in order to reduce the number of kilometers driven and flown. We also offer our customers the opportunity to contribute to sustainability by attending all on-site appointments at Belimed Life Science virtually. This also includes the FAT (Factory acceptance Test) which in the past was always done personally on site. With our state-of-the-art camera equipment, our customers can now attend the FAT from their office or home. By 2020, we have saved approximately 90 tons of CO2, the same amount that 9 people emit on average per year. We're trying to significantly expand these savings in the coming years.

Sustainability – everyone is talking about it – we are doing something about it!