Customer-specific process solutions
for machine cleaning and sterilization


cGMP-compliant cleaning- and sterilizing systems with the highest data integrity. Highest process, user and environmental safety thanks to our innovative operating system.

Belimed Life Science

Have you ever asked yourself how to ensure that no dangerous viruses or bacteria escape from laboratories or pharmaceutical companies? Belimed Life Science AG takes care of this with its process solutions for cleaning, desinfection and sterilisation. The customer-specific systems ensure that products in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetics industries are sterile and clean. In addition to these systems, we also offer the appropriate process solutions, upgrades, services and accessories to guarantee repeatable processes.

With our two production sites in Sulgen (CH) and Grosuplje (SI) and our worldwide service network, we can react flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. With over 130 specialists, we enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and our products are among the best in the world.




Vacancies at Belimed Life Science

Interested in hot steam and purest water?

For us, everything revolves around the medium of water, which we use in its purest form not only for cleaning but also for sterilization. Exciting processes and innovative plants are our daily challenges. Become part of our worldwide team and apply for a job.


Belimed Life Science - Virtual FAT CO2 reduction


What is the best way to save CO2? By not causing it in the first place...

Mainly due to CoVid19 virtual FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) have been established in our two plants in Sulgen (Switzerland) and Grosuplje (Slovenia). Since April, 45 of these acceptance tests have been performed virtually. Normally, two people from our customers travel from all over the world for this purpose.
Each trip normally emits an average of two tons of CO2 per person, so this year the virtual FATs have already enabled a saving of 90 TONS of CO2. This is as much CO2 as nine people would otherwise consume per YEAR. Many customers are convinced and satisfied with the type of virtual acceptance. So the virtual process can be maintained in the future and several tons of CO2 will be saved!

Applications / Reference Projects

Customized quality solutions - that is our guiding principle. Our strengths are maximum flexibility, minimum risk of change and fast implementation.
The plants are adapted to your specific local conditions and comply with worldwide specifications. Learn more about what we have already realized!


Full life cycle management from the initial concept idea to production, qualification, maintenance, service and retrofitting - all from one source. We offer a local service network to guarantee the highest machine uptime. In addition, we offer retrofits/upgrades so you always use "state of the art" technology.