Our values also stand for our products and applications

Sterilizer applications

Steam-air mixture process

The steam-air-mixture process is optimized for all liquids in closed and open containers as well as solids and is based on many years of experience in the development and optimization of sterilizers for the highest demands. Typical applications are the sterilization of syringes, ampoules, stoppers, bags, reagents as well as production items. If one would sterilize non-vacuum-proof bags or even syringes with the fractional pre-vacuum process and fractional vacuum drying, what would happen is what is shown in the video.

Sterilization goods in foil pouches

Many products to be sterilized are packed in foil pouches. With the Belimed Life Science sterilization processes, however, these products can also be reliably sterilized. The video shows what happens with the pouch. The process in the video is shown in fast motion.

Sterilization of syringes

Syringes are a special challenge for steam sterilization. Since there is still a small amount of air in the syringes, there is a risk that the plug will move inside the syringes. To avoid this, syringes are sterilized with the Belimed Life Science steam-air-mixture method with support pressure, otherwise what is shown in the video will happen. The terminal sterilization of products, like syringes, is typically carried out with the steam-air mixture or with the hot water sprinkling process.

Applications of the cleaning systems


Cleaning with rotating wash racks

If many small and complex components have to be cleaned, Belimed Life Science has developed a solution with a rotating wash rack. The carrier rotates like a Ferris wheel and ensures that each item is cleaned with the same cleaning power. This ensures a high level of process repeatability. Our PH 860.2 is designed to carry 2 of these complex wash racks to increased throughput .

Belimed Life Science Reinigungsanlage mit Eingriff-Funktion

Cleaning system with intervention function for safe dismantling of the wash items

If a heavily contaminated item has to be disassembled before the cleaning process, Belimed Life Science's solution with intervention function is a good choice. The aim of this procedure is to protect the environment and the user. To ensure this, the wash item is first positioned in the cleaning system and the doors are closed. Using two gloves integrated into the wall of the system, certain components of the product can then be removed. There is also an extra storage place for the dismantled parts so that they can be cleaned during the cleaning process. After cleaning, the components can be reassembled in exactly the same way or the assembly can take place outside the cleaning system.