Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilization Technical Service Team Offers Critical Support

Belimed PST Sterilizer installed in pharmaceutical plantGet Autoclave and Disinfection Equipment Expertise On-Site or Online

Pharmaceutical manufacturing demands that an array of sophisticated machinery and equipment operate as specified day after day, year after year, often continuously, 24/7. Keeping them all operating and at peak efficiency is critical to meeting targets for quality control and throughput, and for maintaining regulatory compliance.

Yet maintaining this diverse group of advanced and automated machinery often exceeds the technical capabilities of even the most experienced, dedicated staff. Few organizations today can fully staff teams in multiple plants that can confidently perform preventative maintenance on everything from powder storage and conveying equipment to mixers, tablet presses, pill counters, and packaging machines, to the autoclave sterilization and disinfecting wash systems needed to prevent contamination. In fact, given the thousands of wear parts running in dozens of different machines, few plant managers today expect their maintenance teams to be able to effectively assess the remaining life of each one without some level of support from the manufacturer or vendor.

Unfortunately, not all pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and vendors provide the high level of support and timely, expert service after installation in exactly the way it may have been presented during the sales process. Many of these companies face the same challenges in finding and retaining skilled engineering staff as their counterparts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This lack of access to technical expertise and training on key machines can lead to failures and unplanned downtime.

Prevent Pharmaceutical Equipment Downtime

When a cartoning machine fails, the downtime can be easily managed in the packaging department. But when biopharmaceutical sterilization and cleaning systems shutdown, the failure cascades through the entire process causing delays from the laboratory to the processing and packaging lines. The cost of this downtime due to a part failure and the potential health and safety consequences of allowing contaminated goods to pass as sterilized are quite severe. Many companies operating aging sterilizing, washing, and cleaning equipment are inviting the inevitable catastrophic failure to occur.

But we understand that sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry and related industries is critical to the integrity of the process and to the safety and efficacy of the end product. And that downtime must be avoided or carefully planned in advance in accordance with production schedules. At Belimed Life Science, we’re fully committed to providing the highest level of technical support, both on-site and online, to ensure that our automated pharmaceutical sterilization equipment and disinfecting washing equipment operate day and night, exactly as intended.

On-Site Technical Guidance and Installation

Our North America technical services team of project managers and automation engineers offers fast, knowledgeable response from our Charleston, North Carolina headquarters. For any maintenance, spare parts, or repair issues, we can often diagnose and send the verified OEM spare part the same day, and provide guidance for easy replacement. We stock more than $600,000.00 in parts and assemblies at our North Carolina warehouse and move quickly when there’s a call to prevent any downtime. Or, our field service technicians are at the ready to check the pharmaceutical autoclaves and cleaning systems on-site at your facility from local offices in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and throughout the United States. In other cases, we’re happy to use our proprietary augmented reality training system as a 3D walk-through for your maintenance staff or other online streaming platforms.

Upgrade and Retrofit Aging Autoclaves and Washers

Our field service technicians are also able to identify and recommend opportunities to retrofit and upgrade obsolete and outdated equipment with the latest technologies before a costly failure occurs or before a critical spare part becomes unavailable. Our latest touch-screen HMI’s reduce the potential for operator error and our automated controls assure consistent, repeatable performance cycle after cycle while maintaining the integrity of existing, validated processes. It’s a smart way to extend the life of existing machinery without committing to a major purchase and without requiring additional qualification steps or re-qualification.

To schedule a service call with your local Belimed Life Science technical representative, call 843-371-5063 or click here.