Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer Unveils 2023 Line of Automated Washing Systems for North America

Belimed LIfe Science WD 390 PH Multi-Chamber Cleaning SystemBelimed Life Science to Showcase Cleaning Systems at Interphex Booth #2457

North Charleston, NC: Pharmaceutical sterilization and cleaning equipment manufacturer Belimed Life Science, North Charleston, NC (, has unveiled its 2023 line of automated disinfecting wash systems for North America. Developed for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, nutrition, and other manufacturers, the wash systems automatically clean the products and equipment used in the sanitary manufacturing process to a high level of hygiene that complies with FDA, GMP and GAMP 5 guidelines and meets the highest level of data integrity. The washing systems are custom-engineered for each facility or laboratory to decontaminate nearly any type of equipment or component from delicate laboratory glassware to 55-gallon drums, intermediate bulk containers, and a variety of production machinery.

To be highlighted at Interphex booth #2457, the 2023 line of Belimed Life Science cleaning systems encompasses 11 models, each available in a range of sizes, capacities, and configurations to suit the specific regulatory, throughput, energy-efficiency, and other requirements of each installation. The equipment line features the GMP-compliant WD 390 PH multi-chamber tunnel cleaning system, which automatically transfers loaded wash racks into the chamber then cleans, rinses, dries, cools, and discharges the cleaned goods ready for return to service. The proprietary washing technology is also applied in non-GMP models for contamination control in a range of laboratory and industrial installations.

The line of pharmaceutical cleaning systems is to be shown in augmented reality during the Interphex presentation, “Augmented Reality and Wash Racks” by Jochen Schlag, Director of Marketing, Sustainability and Product Manager in Pharmaceutical Systems Engineering for Belimed. The Interphex presentation is scheduled for April 25-27 at 11:00 a.m. at the Javitz Center, New York.

For more information, contact Belimed Life Science, Inc.; 2154 N. Center Street, Suite C-303, North Charleston, SC 29406; 843-371-5063; or see