Basic Collection Wagon for PH 820.2 -56

Product info

Wash rack for cleaning of::
Washing goods without the need for
direct injection with 1 rotating wing between the two levels.

Outer dimensions:
W x D x H = 704 x 773 x 492 mm
Usable height: 2 x 290 mm

to accommodate:
e.g. 4 Baskets
W x D x H = 570 x 340 x 185 mm


Main info

1.4404 electropolished
Factory certification 2.1 according to EN10204
Plastics PVDF/PEEK with FDA certificate

Belimed Life Science standard surface roughness:
Material 1.4404: 0.8 µm
Weld seams outside < 3.2 µm Weld seams inside < 1.6 µm

Item number: 151808

Suitable for:

Machine type:

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