About Us

Belimed Life Science

The youngest daughter of the Metall Zug Group and nevertheless with 50 years of experience


Where we come from -
From 1 make 2

In April 2019 the time had come! In order to better respond to the different customer requirements in the medical and pharmaceutical markets, Belimed AG has split off into Belimed Infection Control for all medical applications and Belimed Life Science. At Belimed Life Science we take care of all inquiries from the pharmaceutical, bio-pharma, institutional, nutritional and cosmetic sectors.

Where we are - SWITZERLAND

Is there a better location than Sulgen?
Only about 15 km to the largest lake in Switzerland and the border to Germany, about an hour's drive to the Alps or Zurich airport. Green meadows right in front of the door and yet everything you need for living. Our development, project management and our saturated steam autoclaves are completely welded and assembled on site.


Where we are - SLOVENIA

Is there a better location than Grosuplje?
Only about 20 km to the capital Ljubljanna with direct highway connection also to Italy, to the sea or to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Together with our sister company, Belimed Infection Control, we manufacture our cleaning systems and wash racks on site.


Who we are

Although Belimed Life Science has only been around on paper since April 2019, we already have 50 years of experience in the field of Life Science. Through the repositioning we enjoy the advantages of an SME with shorter distances, faster processes and more efficient project management. This enables us to respond more specifically to the special challenges of the life science industry.
Nevertheless, we still have our big sister, Belimed Infection Control, and our mother, the Metall Zug Group, behind us for reinforcement. Especially through the worldwide service network of Belimed Infection Control we can rely on a good cooperation worldwide.

What we do

One of our products goes back to the invention of the German surgeon Friedrich Trendelenburg (1844-1924). In 1882 he had an autoclave installed in his Bonn Surgical University Clinic. Without this technology, all products contaminated with germs and viruses would have to be incinerated to kill them. Since then, Belimed Life Science has perfected the process of steam sterilization and added further processes.
In addition to steam sterilizers, we develop and manufacture cleaning systems for products that have to be reliably cleaned. No matter whether small jars or large containers, we adapt the cleaning system in such a way that an optimal washing result is guaranteed.
We understand how to handle steam, water and the most modern operating systems which guarantee a frictionless operation. Highest reliability and repeatability are our standard.


Sustainability -
everyone is talking about it -
we are doing something about it!


Sustainability at Belimed

Sustainability is a central element in the corporate strategy of Belimed Life Science and one of the strategic pillars for all companies of the Metall Zug Group. Our sustainability concept extends to all business units - from production sites and supply chains to innovative technologies of our solutions and holistic service concepts for the entire life cycle.

Belimed Life Science's sustainable products and services not only offer our customers operational benefits, but also contribute significantly to reducing the global carbon footprint and the impact on the environment, society and the economy.

Through its commitment to sustainability and the development of energy-efficient, sustainable solutions, Belimed Life Science meets the challenges such as growing demand and increasing costs in the healthcare sector.